Public Transportation

within Illinois: 

Coles County

Douglas County 

and beyond.

ZIPLINE - The ZIPLINE is a non-reservation based service that makes designated stops at designated times. 

ZIPLINE hours of operation:

Monday through Friday 8:00 a.m. to 5 :00 p.m

* The last time to dropped off at any location would be from the 4:00 to 5:00 hour.

In an attempt to keep our passengers safe during the COVID-19 pandemic, Dial-A-Ride is temporarily suspending the Zipline service effective 3/17/20. All passengers are encouraged to schedule a ride by calling 1-800-500-5505 if transportation is needed. All scheduled in county trip fares will be $1.00 each way. Dial-A-Ride is only taking reservations for those that need travel to their places of employment, medical appointments, pharmacies, and nutrition sites (for example: grocery stores). We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause as we are making safety our number one priority at this time.


Coles County ZIPLINE

$1.00 per bus entry

Transfers made at the LifeSpan Center are free of charge

Charleston ZIP LINE route:

the hour 
      Stop Location

:03            LifeSpan Center (11021 E. County Rd 800 N)

:11            Lincoln & Douglas (Dept. of Human Svcs.)

:14            Ruler Foods (566 W. Lincoln)

:18            EIU Student Union (7th Street)

:21            Newman Catholic Center (500 Roosevelt)

:26            12 & Lincoln

:29            Wal-Mart (2250 Lincoln)

:31             Coles County Public Health (825 18th St.)

:34             6th & Monroe

:37            119 W. State Street

:50            Carle Clinic (2512 Hurst Drive)

:56            Sarah Bush Lincoln Health Center

                  (ER Entrance)



Mattoon ZIP LINE route:

the hour        Stop Location

:03   LifeSpan Center (11021 E. County Rd 800 N)

:10   Cross County Mall (700 Broadway Ave. E.)

:13   Prairie & 1st Street

:17   14th & Broadway (behind CVS)

:20   Amtrak (1718 Broadway)

:24   32nd & Cedar

:32   1804 S. 9th St. (Across from Williams Sch. - South Drive)

:41 Lake Land College (in front of Neal Hall)

:53   Wal-Mart– East parking lot (loading dock area)

*Sarah Bush Lincoln upon request afte
r Wal-Mart