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within Illinois: 

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and beyond.


​Handling deviation requests:
Route deviation service is considered a demand response mode by the Americans with Disability Act of 1990. As such, it does not require the transit provider to provide complimentary paratransit. However, it is important to Dial-A-Ride that the routes run on time. At its sole discretion, Dial-A-Ride may send a general public bus to facilitate one or more deviation requests in order to keep the route on schedule. 


Zipline Pricing:
$1.00 per each time the bus is boarded per passenger. Transfers at the Lifespan Center are free of charge.​

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Hours of Operation:

The Zipline’s hours and days of operation are as follows: Monday through Friday 8am to 5pm. The last time to board the bus to transfer to the opposing city will be from the 3:00 to 4:00 hour. The Zipline service will not be offered on the designated holidays that Dial-A-Ride observes. 

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Deviation location requests, pick-ups and drop-offs, must be within one quarter mile of any designated Zipline stop. Location requests for deviations will not be able to be accommodated any further than one quarter of a mile. An exception will be made with scheduled requests to Carle Clinic on Hurst Drive and Sarah Bush Lincoln Hospital, which would be a deviation along the Mattoon route, however must still be requested in advance.

To view The ZIPLINE departure times, stop locations, and maps of the routes, please click 

How to request a deviation:
A passenger can request a deviation by calling our dispatch office at 217-639-5169 or toll free at 1-800-500-5505. Requests must be made at least 24 hours in advance. There is a limit of 1 deviation per hour per route. Dial-A-Ride will not prioritize one type of deviation request over another. A request will be accommodated within 24 hours that it was made unless the Zipline will not be in operation the following day (ex. weekend and holidays). Requests will be accommodated in the order as they are received. 

Cancellations and no-shows:

Please see the "No Show Policy" under the About tab

Dial-A-Ride Passes:
Passes can be purchased from any Dial-A-Ride driver. Passes can be used with both the Zipline and Demand Response services (in county only). Passes are $40.00 each. A discounted Veteran’s Pass can be purchased for $20.00 with proof of the proper military identification. Passes are valid the first to the last day of that pass month. Passes are NOT prorated for mid month purchases.

​​Dwell time:
Dwell time is zero. The bus will wait no longer at a requested deviation point for a passenger to present themselves as ready to ride than it would at a designated bus stop. In this regard, a passenger requesting a deviation should be ready at the agreed origin five minutes prior to the bus’s arrival. If the passenger misses the scheduled connections, it will be considered a no-show and subsequent deviation requests will be considered cancelled. The bus and driver will spend whatever time is necessary to safely board the passenger and his or her mobility devices.

Zipline Tokens:
Zipline tokens can be purchased from any Zipline Driver. Tokens can be purchased for $1.00 each or 13 tokens for $10.00. Zipline tokens do not expire and can be used in place of the $1.00 fare.

Zipline passenger guidelines and Expectations:

*Passengers should be at the bus stop (or deviation point) five minutes prior to the scheduled departure

*Exact change is required (our drivers cannot make change)
*Dial-A-Ride buses are not equipped with bicycle racks and therefore bicycles will not be allowed on the bus
*Dial-A-Ride accommodates service animals recognized by the Federal Transit Administration. Pets and companion animals do not qualify
*Carry-on items are limited to what a passenger can load and stow away independently with the exception of mobility devices and portable oxygen tanks.
*Priority seating is labeled on each bus for people with disabilities
*Cell phones and personal music devices are allowed but passengers are encouraged to be courteous of other passengers
*All passengers must wear their seatbelt
*Absolutely no standing while vehicles are in transit
*Children under the age of 10 must be accompanied by an adult
*Passengers are required to comply with any ongoing recommended guidance regarding safe practices concerning the spread of infectious diseases

***Zipline riders must also adhere to Dial-A-Ride’s passenger guidelines for the demand response service.        

What is the ZIPLINE?

​​The Zipline is a deviated fixed route service. This route operates along established routes that have designated stops at designated times within and to and from Charleston and Mattoon, Illinois (within the Coles County service area). Between these stops, vehicles will deviate from the established route to pick up and drop off riders within the defined service area. Route deviations must be phoned in and requested and cannot be accommodated without a 24 hour notice. A transfer at the LifeSpan Center will be required to travel between towns. There is no charge to re-board the vehicle if a transfer is made.