Contact Us:

11021 E. County Road 800 North 

Charleston, IL   61920-8632

217-639-5169 or 1-800-500-5505

​711 for TTY services

Conduct and Responsibilities:

Our goal is to provide safe, efficient and economical transportation for our passengers. Passengers are asked to observe the following guidelines (failure to do so may result in suspension or termination from the program):

· All passengers are required to wear seat belts at all times

· All electric/manual mobility devices are required to be secured by a Dial-A-Ride employee with proper securement devices

· Be ready for your ride – Dispatchers will NOT call ahead to be sure you are ready

· Dial-A-Ride will secure respirators/portable oxygen tanks for passengers as needed.  Drivers are only responsible for respirators and portable oxygen tanks at the time of securement

· Passengers cannot demand changes in the schedule or request to be picked up first or last

· Drivers are not allowed to accept tips, however, donations to the Dial-A-Ride program will gladly be accepted by the sponsor, CCCoA

· Dial-A Ride will not be responsible for checking/signing persons in or out of any  facility.  If a personal attendant is needed, it is the responsibility of the passenger/facility to provide one

· Drivers  will not wait more than 3 minutes for passengers to board

· After 3 “No Shows” (calling for a ride and not being there), service will be suspended for 30 days


· Physical/verbal abuse of Drivers or passengers (examples: shoving, hitting, cursing, excessively loud conversations, etc.) will not be tolerated (in accordance with CCCoA Policy)





Mobility Device/Lift Information:

For safety and liability reasons, Dial-A-Ride adheres to the following guidelines:

· DAR will not ask a passenger to transfer out of a mobility device into another seat

· Passengers utilizing a mobility device will be allowed to transfer to a regular seat in the vehicle, if the passenger requests to do so, and is able to complete the transfer with no assistance from the Driver

· An individual who uses a lift will not be refused to disembark from a vehicle at any designated stop; however, the lift cannot be operated if there is a possibility of damaging the lift or if temporary conditions make disembarking unsafe for passengers

· The passenger must ensure ramp and mobility device paths are properly paved and kept clear of snow, ice, parked cars, trash, or other obstructions

Please note:  The maximum capacity for the Dial-A-Ride lift is 1,000 pounds.  This includes the passenger, any mobility aid, any medical equipment and any personal items.

Please see the ADA Policy for more information


Dial-A-Ride offers Public Transportation in Coles and Douglas counties in Illinois to persons of all ages and abilities. 


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This program is sponsored by:

 Coles County Coles County Council on Aging, Inc.

This program receives funding through :

the Illinois Department of Transportation & the Department of Human Services